Maurice Bergman Architect offers a complete range of services, that covers all phases of the design and con-struction processes including the following :


1. Preliminary assessment of projects’ viability
2. Determination of type of professional services required

1. Preliminary design proposals
2. Conceptual Designs
3. Estimations of project construction costs
4. Construction documents and specifications
5. Project Management/Coordination
6. Field survey and measurements of existing buildings
7. Preparations of project’s marketing packages
8. Interior Design

1. Construction Supervision
2. Revision of shop drawings
3. Preparation ion of As-Built drawings
4. Approval of Certificates of payment
5. Management of Bid process.

Maurice Bergman Architect has extensive experience in various proj-ect roles, including prime consultant, design consultant, joint ventures with other architects, and as a member of a design/build fast-track team. The firm also has experience working with project managers and construction managers, as well as general contractors.